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Black Hat SEO: Even When it Works, It's Not Worth It

March 23rd, 2012

Skunkworks Creative Group

Black Hat SEO: Even When it Works, It’s Not Worth It

Skunkworks regularly hears from lawyers and law firms looking for search engine optimization (SEO) services. Typically, the request is articulated as some form of “I want to be first on Google.”  Our clients clearly understand that a solid SEO plan can yield large dividends by placing their website higher in the organic search rankings. They are aware that better visibility means more traffic and more traffic means bigger profits

Search engine optimization tactics usually fall into two camps: white hat SEO strategies (endorsed by the major search engines) and black hat SEO strategies (actively opposed by the major search engines). This post describes why the legal community should only consider white hat methods.

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Green is the New Black - Best Practices Tips.

August 10th, 2009

Skunkworks Creative Group

Green is the New Black – Best Practices Tips.

Demonstrating a commitment to sustainability continues to gain traction as a viable and necessary tool to attract clients, make your practice more cost efficient and do your bit to combat climate change.  Nothing like a win-win-win to start off the work week.  The July/August issue of Law Practice magazine (an ABA Law Practice Management Section publication) features a bullet point guide to “Going Green to Stay in the Black.” (page 9 for those of you who subscribe).  The quick and dirty (Er…make that clean) checklist is pulled from the Meritas Leadership Institutes’ “Green Guide for Lawyers” – a download the group released last year. The Guide was developed as a best practices resource for lawyers seeking certification under the ABA-EPA’s Law Office Climate Challenge.

We have our own initiatives here in BC.  Several of the bigger Vancouver firms (Alexander Holburn Beaudin & Lang LLP, Bull, Housser & Tupper LLP and Clark Wilson LLP) have put themselves at the forefront of capitalizing on green leadership by adopting formal sustainability policies and initiatives.

Clark Wilson, for example,  is participating in a Climate Smart Case Study (complete with YouTube video and Office Supply “Amnesties”).  Their spokes-lawyers, Peter Tolensky and Michal Jaworski provide a practical endorsement for the business case behind developing a green strategy. Moreover, their easy to implement initiatives will hopefully inspire other BC firms (big and small) to get creative about shrinking their carbon footprints.

The point that you don’t have to be “big” to make a difference is ably demonstrated by sole practitioner Barbara Day Sort, who shares some of her green practice tips in a recent letter to the Canadian Bar Association.

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Treading Lightly - The Business of Being Green.

July 8th, 2009

Skunkworks Creative Group

Treading Lightly – The Business of Being Green.

It’s a rainy day in Vancouver (this is actually good since we just finished the dryiest June in eons) and looking for inspiration I went window shopping.  I found….English Retreads maker of truly unique bags and accessories out of … truck tire inner tubes.  Whether you are vegan, sortah vegetarian, carnavore or omnivore – these bags are well designed, totally functional, waterproof, and in line with the trend to reuse and recycle so we can sustain our little blue planet.  Located in Boulder, Colorado the “Pit Crew” as they call themselves are members of the green business community, treat their employees right and are just so damn “good” it makes me suspicious (weren’t there a bunch of alien sitings in Boulder…or maybe that was Mork & Mindy — you young ‘uns will have no clue what I just said but that’s ok).  Rambling aside, a good, functional handbag or tote is worth it’s weight in gold (or truck tires).  In Vancouver you can find them at Resurrected on Cordova in historic Gastown.  Maybe if the good folks at English Retreads see this they will remember to put that hardworking little store on their official retailers list since they don’t seem to have anyone else selling their stuff in Vancouver.

Here’s a few picks of some of their fun things but go see for yourself – Resurrected has a decent selection and can order stuff in if you ask nicely.

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Green Spaces BC 2009.

July 3rd, 2009

Skunkworks Creative Group

Green Spaces BC 2009.

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BIV Magazines has just issued Green Space BC 2009 – British Columbia’s Sustainability Resource. While I wish our copies had not arrived wrapped in heavy plastic…it was still interesting to look at what’s going on in Vancouver and across the province particularly in the green building field.  From green electricity provider Bullfrog Power, through Metro Vancouver’s BuildSmart, programs (including a new handy dandy guide to design considerations for green roofs) to information about Canada’s Green Buiding Council’s latest initiative… the LEEDs (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) rating system for certifying the “greenness” of your home…these are interesting times.  It is refreshing to finally see some alternatives.

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Tattoos and Alternatives to Paint Fumes...

July 2nd, 2009

Skunkworks Creative Group

Tattoos and Alternatives to Paint Fumes…

So I’m thinking of getting my kids some tattoos — wall tattoos that is.  I have to say I am not a big fan of painting.  It’s expensive, it’s messy, it’s smelly (even with the low fume paints) and it’s environmentally not so good.  So, imagine my delight when I stumbled on the fine folks at Surface Collective…makers and purveyors of wall tattoos (aka decals).  If you’re used to those cheesy borders or wall stencils you get at the Home Despot (yes, I did mean to say Despot) then you are in for a rare treat with the Surface Collective – ’cause their stuff is coooooool.

See what I mean:

As you can see from the samples above, Surface Collective offers a diverse collection of design alternatives that allow you to tweak what you’ve got without a great deal of muss, fuss or expense.  Perfect for the quick living space make over and cheap enough to give students of all types (and parents with picky kids) a budget break without having to sacrifice style.  It also helps that Principal & Creative Director, Rod Tasaka, is a hell of a nice guy.  He, along with his crew of hard working local talent, are preparing amazing designs right here in Vancouver.  Formerly located in a loft in Gastown the collective has moved over to West 8th but you can still reach them through their website. Go on, support the local talent, you know you waaannnah.

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